Lextree for Contract Management

Contract Management

Move beyond spreadsheets and files for contracts.

You can manage contracts with software as a service that is secure and easy-to-use. Contract approvals, alerts, and compliance. Simple pricing for any person or company.

Contract Management Software

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Contract Repository

Gain insight into the latest developments in your contract portfolio. The contract repository dashboard gives you a presentation of recent contracts and documents. The contract status display shows contracts as they progress through the approval workflow.

Contract Repository

Automatic Alerts

Automatic alerts are critical to keep your organization in compliance and to monitor the other party's performance. Schedule alerts to be recurring whenever you want.

Contract Workflow

Contract Workflow

Create custom workflows for contract and document requests easily. Configure each step, designate the people responsible, and let Lextree handle the rest.

Contract Approvals

Contract Requirements

The Requirements feature of Lextree is your general purpose helper. A requirement is any legal obligation or filing you want to track.

Contract Requirements



$ 99/ month
  • Single user
  • Unlimited contracts
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Exceptional support


$ 399/ month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited contracts
  • 100 GB of storage
  • Exceptional support
  • Tasks and workflows
  • Group access control


$ 699/ month
  • Unlimited users and contracts
  • 100 GB of storage
  • Custom app development
  • Custom URL and instance

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Security and Access

Unlimited Users

Yes, unlimited users. You can work with as many people as you want. You control their access so each user only sees certain information.

Cloud SaaS

Access from any location with any device. Benefit from world-class hosting. Easy to start. Keep your data when you are done.


All data is encrypted and transmitted over SSL (HTTPS). Configure user permissions and roles to restrict access.

Access Controls

Control access to your data with flexible and powerful access controls. Create custom security groups.


Access our professional team of experts. Support is included. Meaningful answers to business and technical questions.

Global and Local

Any national jurisdiction, any state or province, multi-jurisdiction entities, foreign authorizations, special filings, and more.

Easy, safe, and powerful.

Control expenses, improve revenue, and manage risk with Lextree from Berkman Solutions.
Our clients operate across five continents
Our clients manage legal entities in more than eighty countries
of experience
We have managed over four billion dollars in contracts and entities
Our clients have trusted us for over fifteen years
A few of our exceptional clients
  • County of Fresno
  • Falabella
  • EFG Capital
  • Meyer
  • Avante Group
  • SECO
  • SSP America
  • Okaloosa Gas
  • Wave Broadband
  • Premium Parking
  • Capital Caring
  • City of Northport
  • Kiln
  • Hampton Roads Transit
  • Regional One Health
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Mountain Farms
  • Yandex


Lextree comes with native customization and configuration tools included with each plan. With one customization, you can automatically adapt the dashboard, contract data, and reports to conform to your change.

Unlimited Users

Yes, unlimited users. Your colleagues, your boss, the other party, the insurance broker, whoever. Users do not even have to be in the same company.

Contract Reports

Gain fresh insights into your contract portfolio. With your contracts and documents in one place, Lextree’s built-in reports provide data for quick analysis of contract risk.

Contract Documents

The contract record collects all the related contract documents together in one place. A single contract record includes the original agreement, all exhibits, all schedules, and all amendments. No more hunting for missing files.

Contract Approvals

Need to improve the contract approval process? Easily create different paths for contract approval in Lextree.

Contract Collaboration

Contract management is a team sport. Over the life of a contract, many people and departments get involved with a contract: legal, procurement, contract management, and business units. Lextree helps teams collaborate on contracts.

Contract Tasks

Contract management tasks are more than a simple to do list. Tasks make contract collaboration better.

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