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  • Introduction

    Lextree for contract management from Berkman Solutions is a cloud based contract management technology for organizations of all sizes in any industry.

    This tour demonstrates the major features of Lextree. With the built in configuration tools you can adapt Lextree to meet your needs.

    You will learn about Lextree with a standard configuration. Toward the end of the tour you will learn about the customization features of Lextree.

    Feel free to jump around the tour or watch the videos in sequence.

  • Dashboard


    Lextree comes with a dashboard for a visual overview of your entire contract portfolio. The “Contract Types” and “Document Types” are fully customizable in the Settings area.

    Each chart is interactive in several ways. First, you can turn off sections of the chart. Lextree will recalculate the share of contracts. In this way, you can create a tailored visual element which you can print or download.

    Second, as you hover over sections, Lextree will display information about those contracts or documents.

    Click a pie chart slice to see which contracts are in that category. Use the magnifying glass to navigate to any particular record.

    A quick word about the relationship between contracts and documents is in order. A contract covers the legal relationship with the other party. Every document related to that legal relationship is part of the contract record in Lextree. That means the original agreement, any exhibit, schedule, or amendment goes in the contract record.


    The Recent tab in the dashboard give you a view of contracts and documents that have been recently added.

    This Week and This Month

    The tabs for This Week and This Month show the contracts and documents that are expiring during that period.

  • Request new document

    Start contract process

    Use Lextree to allow people in your organization to request new contracts or documents.

    Route contract requests for completion

    Define the workflow groups so contract and document requests are routed to the right people for completion.

  • Review document request

    Routing document requests

    Depending on your worklow needs, you can configure Lextree to route document requests to a team of reviewers to complete the document request.

    Completing document reqeusts

    Reviewers can add supplemental documents or comment on the request to the request before sending it for approval.

  • Request approval

    Approval workflow routing

    You can configure Lextree to route requests for approval to designated users who have the authority to approve requests, documents, or contracts.

    Requesting approval

    At your option, you can designate users as those who must ask for approval before a contract is finalized.

  • Approve requests

    Configuring approvals

    When you take advantage of the workflow features of Lextree, you can designate users as Approvers who have the authority to approve requests.

    Approve requests

    Approvers can pick up a request for approval. Approval requests can require multiple approvals or a single approval.

  • Publish contracts

    Contract approved and signed

    When a contract request is approved and completed, Lextree allows you use to publish the contract to the main repository. This optional workflow step allows you to impose quality control on your contracting process so that the contract management team receives only complete contract packages.

  • Add contract

    Just add a new contract

    If your workflow does not require document and approval requests, Lextree allows you to just add a new contract. Go to the contract repository and select Add Contract.

  • Contract repository

    Contract records

    All your contracts are available as contract records. Lextree permissions controls who can see what contracts. This is your central contract repository.

    Sort, filter, and search

    Lextree allows you to manipulate the repository to find the contracts you need.

  • Contract details

    Lextree presents all the important contract details in a single view. From the contract record view you can manage the contract during its entire lifecycle.

  • Tasks

    Create tasks to manage contracts

    Lextree allows you to create tasks to help you manage contracts. You can assign tasks to designated users in your organization.

    Complete tasks

    Users receive email notification of tasks. When they complete tasks, Lextree saves the task history for future reference.

  • Alerts

    Set contract alert

    Set or edit the main contract alert. Receive recurring or one-time alerts.

    Send alerts to anyone

    Lextree allows you to send alerts to people who are not users of Lextree and people outside your organization if you want.

  • Documents

    Add documents to contract record

    Central to Lextree's design is the ability to store multiple documents with a single contract record.

    Manage documents

    Lextree also gives you the ability to access and management documents independently of the contract record.

  • Add contract requirements

    Create and track contract requirements to ensure compliance by all parties to the contract. Lextree allows you to store contract requirements.

  • Reports

    The Reports menu is available to users who have the Reporter role. Administrative users can modify a user’s role to give access to Reports.

    Lextree comes with a standard library of interactive reports. We regularly add new reports to the library.

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 100% cloud

Access your contracts and contract documents from anywhere, anytime. As a cloud contract management solution you and your colleagues can access Lextree accross technologies.

 Safe and secure

Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. The encryption technology is the same technology banks use: SHA-256 and AES-265.

 Trusted support

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 Money and Data Back Guarantee

Use Lextree to manage your documents and data for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, we will return your data and your subscription fees. Your success is our priority.