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Articles and resources about contracts, contract management, and contract management software.

Contracts and Compliance White Paper

You are welcome to access our white paper that demonstrates the financial benefits of a compliance approach to contracts and contract management. Learn how to deliver a measurable improvement to your organization's financial performance.

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How to Manage Contracts

Contract management seems like a daunting undertaking when faced with scattered files and missing spreadsheets. The financial benefits of contract management are worth the effort. This article provides a roadmap to get your organization from messy to managed.

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General Counsel - Contract Process or Risk Management?

General counsel must find ways to both manage contract risk and increase contracting productivity on a limited budget. General counsel are often flooded with contract requests. Sales people, business managers, and executives mutter about lawyers being the “business interruption team” while the general counsel tries to balance their competing objectives: fast contracts and careful risk management. No legal department wants to be the bottleneck for contracts.

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The 5 Best Reasons for Contract Management

Contract managers, lawyers, and compliance officers often struggle to explain the value of contract management to executives and managers, because they focus on the wrong issues at the wrong times. The argument is simple: “We are understaffed and there are too many contracts to keep up with.” This argument never persuades senior management to invest in contract management.

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