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CMS 2567 Survey and Deficiencies

Nursing homes have mere days to respond to CMS 2567 surveys which identify deficiencies in regulated facilities. Penalties and Medicare reimbursements are on the line. An effective, timely response requires close collaboration between clinical, compliance, and management groups. This article explains three steps that can improve the quality and speed of your CMS 2567 survey plan of correction process.

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Manage Limited Liability Companies in Lextree

Limited liability companies are a popular form of legal organization. Limited liability companies allow for flexible management and ownership structures. Even with taxes they support pass through and corporate taxation status at the election of the founders. There are primarily two flavors of limited liability companies (LLCs): member-managed and manager-managed. You can easily manage LLCs with Lextree.

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Managing Partnerships in Lextree

Partnerships are one of the oldest forms of legal organization. Modern partnerships confer tax advantages and impose liability risks. Individual partners can become joint and severally liable for the activities of all the partners. This means that each individual partner stands to lose far more than they expect from their investment. Most jurisdictions, however, also provide a favorable pass through tax status for partners and partnerships. Managing partnership risks and responsibilities is an important benefit of Lextree.

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How to manage contracts

How to Start Managing Contracts

Contract management seems like a daunting undertaking when faced with scattered files and missing spreadsheets. The financial benefits of contract management are worth the effort. This article provides a roadmap to get your organization from messy to managed.

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How to Measure and Manage Legal Risk

Legal risk is one of the most difficult kinds of risk for organizations to measure and manage. This article explains how to define and classify legal risk so that organizations can develop an effective risk management strategy.

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