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The GRC Popularity Contest

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Modified April 30, 2020

Governance, risk, and compliance professionals often compete with economists for the most dismal view of events. To practitioners, "GRC" is not monolithic, but which one is the most popular?

A word about the less-than-scientific method to judge popularity: we looked at about 10 years of search history for "governance," "risk management," and "compliance." Below you will find the results of the popularity contest for the entire world. Regional preferences differ, so we also present the data for the following countries: United States, Australia, Great Britin, India, and South Africa.

The "R" in GRC typically means "Risk." For this popularity contest, "Risk" was disqualified and "Risk Management" was ushered on stage instead. Risk alone towers over the others, probably (pun intended) because colloquial use of Risk pervades pop culture. Risk management seems to be the more dignified and professional option.

And the winner is...

While the vote tally is not unanimous, Compliance wins by a fair margin.

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