How to Manage Board Committees


How to Manage Board Committees

Boards of Directors create standing and temporary (ad hoc) committees to accomplish specific objectives. Organizations large and small assign board members to committees. Tracking those assignments is challenging. Here is how to make it easy with Lextree.

Add Officers and Directors (or other Management titles)

To make individuals available for committee assignments, add them as Directors or Officers. In this example, we add Miranda Manager as a Director on the Board.

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Assign Directors to a Committee Role

Select from the existing people the person you want to serve on a committee. Once they are selected, we recommend using the Other type, but you can use Director or Officer.

In the title field, enter the name of the committee. In this example, we add Miranda Manager as a member of the Benefits Committee.

Use Separate Appointment and Term Expiration Dates

You can keep track of current and former committee members by tracking their terms of service. In Lextree, board members can have separate terms for each committee Their term of service for the board itself is, of course, separate as well.

Later, we will see an example of a report that shows only active Risk Committee members and excludes a past member.

Repeat for Additional Committees

You can add more committees with the same process. In this example, we create a Risk Committee and add several members to that committee.

Create Committee Reports

Since you have leveraged Lextree to manage committee assignments, you can run a report for committees.

In this example, we will run a report to show our Benefits Committee for Family Office, Inc.

When we run the report for the Risk Committee for Family Office, Inc., we notice that it shows a past member. To exclude that member and show only current committee members, we use the filter to remove members who have a term expiration.

There is a lot more you can do with Lextree to manage officers and directors. Using data-driven entity management software makes your job much easier.