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For over a decade, we have provided professionals and business leaders all over the world with exceptional legal technology solutions. Get more information about Lextree from Berkman Solutions by scrolling down.

Contract management
$349 per month

Learn more about our contract management solution.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited alerts
  • One year billed in advance
  • 25,000 records with more available
  • 10 GB with more available
  • $4,188 per year

Subject to our terms and conditions.
Entity management
$349 per month

Learn more about our legal entity management solution.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited alerts
  • One year billed in advance
  • 25,000 records with more available
  • 10 GB with more available
  • $4,188 per year

Subject to our terms and conditions.

Control legal data and documents

Unlimited users

Whether you have power users or casual users, Lextree allows you to collaborate with unlimited users.

Secure access

Use custom security groups to control access to your critical legal data and documents.

100% web based

Just connect with your browser to Lextree. There is no software to install.

Superior service

Enjoy the friendly, expert help from the Berkman Solutions team.

Automatic alerts

Receive automated alerts from tasks and due dates. Never miss another legal deadline.

Dynamic reports

Whether you want visual charts or detailed reports, Lextree gives you insight to your legal data and documents.

Hear what others are saying

  • "Again, you and your team have done amazing work! Thank you so much for all of your help!"
    - Finance Manager at large public university
  • "With thousands of contracts, detailed statements of work (SOWs), and lots of change, contract management is critical to our business... Berkman Solutions delivers exceptional value in contract management software.
    - Pamela from a global business process outsourcing provider
  • With 90 in house lawyers and legal professionals, we needed a flexible contract management solution that could satisfy our demanding requirements... We are thrilled... Berkman Solutions has proven to be flexible and easy to use."
    - IT leader with intellectual property, technology, and finance company
  • "Are we ever lucky to have you!"
    - Contract Manager at National Healthcare Company

Who uses our solution?

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Centralize contracts

Use our flexible, central repository to collect all contracts in one location: the original agreement, all exhibits, schedules, amendments, and ancillary documents.

Manage obligations

Keep track of specific contract obligations, like insurance certificates. Monitor the counterparty’s compliance as well as your own organization’s compliance.

Communicate value

Provide insightful reports to business managers about contracts. Illustrate the value of the entire contract portfolio.

Never miss a contract deadline

One missed expiration date or unwanted automatic renewal can justify the investment in contract management software. You can receive automatic alerts of important dates and milestones.

Create reports easily

Our flexible reports are ready for you to use. Filter options respond to the data on the report so you can recreate specialized reports without the burden of needing technical help.

Customize types

Administrators can customize many of the categorization options easily: contract types, entity types, document categories, groups, and more.

Control access

Use custom security groups to control who has access to which records. User roles also control what features are available to individual users.

Avoid difficult implementation

Our solution is web based. There is no installation. You receive a unique web address for your organization where you can login and launch your solution.

Connect contract documents and data

Bring all related contract documents and data together in a central, flexible repository. This repository means is that your team can find what they need when they need it. Store your documents in the cloud or on your network.

Never miss an entity deadline

A missed registration renewal date can jeopardize corporate compliance. We notify you automatically of key dates related to your entities.

Connect entity data and documents

Bring all related legal entity documents and data together. Organizational documents and entity data are easily accessible.

Streamline tasks

Collaborate with your team by assigning tasks and scheduling alerts so your workflow runs smoothly.

Handle contract requests

Allow colleagues throughout the organization request contracts easily. Route contracts to the right people.

Manage board meetings

Use our solution to manage Board of Director and committee meetings. Automatically generate meeting minutes.