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Use Lextree from Berkman Solutions to manage legal entities, contracts, compliance, and risk.
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Who Uses Lextree?
General Counsel

General Counsel

Manage officers and directors across corporate family. Generate ownership charts. Streamline contracting process.
Private Equity Investor

Private Equity Investors

Generate corporate org charts for each group of holdings and for the entire fund. Identify all the companies served by each officer and director.
Paralegals and Legal Assistants


Create contract reports for all contracts. Maintain legal entity filings and compliance obligations.
Business Lawyer

Business Lawyers

Give clients better service with better tracking of business entities, legal documents, and filing obligations.

Contract Managers

Improve contract workflow. Easily coordinate contract and amendment approvals. Never miss a contract deadline.
Compliance Officer

Compliance Officers

Inventory compliance requirements across the entire company. Ensure compliance with automatic notifications as the right time for the right people.
Corporate Development Officer

Corporate Development

Model corporate structure for principal investor group or family office.
Project Manager

Project Managers

Appreciate easy web deployment so the team can focus on the real work. Manage Statements of Work and vendor agreements.
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Make Your Business Better
Lextree from Berkman Solutions

Lextree is a family of software products for controlling legal risk. Lextree manages legal entities and contracts.

Turn Business Law into Business Strategy

The law is a critical part of your business. Your sales contracts, purchasing agreements, and business ownership structure all require you to manage legal obligations. Lextree from Berkman Solutions is legal software to transform your legal needs into business assets.

Bridge the Gap between Lawyers and Business Managers

Time is money. Business lawyers want to deliver more value to business clients; businesses want more value from their lawyers. Lextree is the software to bridge the gap. Use Lextree to make contracting more efficient. Our web based software gives lawyers a platform to collaborate and business managers visibility into the process.

Improve Collaboration between Lawyers and Managers

Route contract requests through your workflow. You can manage all of your contracts from one place. Lextree handles any contract from simple to complex deals. Auto-renewal provisions become a breeze. You can share tasks with colleagues to complete contract work.

Achieve Compliance for Your Business

You need to stay ahead of compliance obligations and legal requirements. Whether you need to monitor contract provisions, regulatory obligations, or filing requirements, Lextree reminds you automatically. You can also analyze compliance across all legal entities and contracts.

Manage Legal Risk in Your Business

You control legal risk with business entities and contracts. Lextree keeps you in compliance. Manage legal requirements and filing obligations with an easy-to-use software platform.

Unlimited Users + Secure Access

You can access your important data and documents from anywhere in the world. Lextree also grants you unlimited users for your organization. Your data is fully encrypted. You create access controls that ensure only the right people can see the right information.
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One of our professionals will schedule a demo and answer any of your questions.
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  • EFG Capital
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  • Avante Group
  • SECO
  • SSP America
  • Okaloosa Gas
  • Wave Broadband
  • Premium Parking
  • Capital Caring
  • City of Northport
  • Kiln
  • Hampton Roads Transit
  • Regional One Health
  • University of Wisconsin
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